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3 discovery. "the -k - 47 was that was registeeed to him was found in the home loadedd" &ploaded."why small arsenal fouun ii the manns hoome ccused olice to take actionn action. ans behaving badly.. badly..melina korine mccean, crrzy. there were people eerywwere." everywhhre." the -3 piitures hat prove somm goo out of connrol. 33 ccld ooernight....then a slow warmup beeinn.when we my skywatch orecast..- forrcast. and found guilty of urder. mmrder.jaaice) 1:39:38 this is aagreat day i can breath now. noww what attorneys in tte & phylicia baares case say wws the keyyto aaconviction. &p 3 hello... i'm jeef barnd.andd i'm jennifee gilbert.high & owered weapons found inside the home of a man accused of &ptrespaasinn inside aahigh school.... school.... karen paakk... -is... streaming live... at...
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north county hhgh... in... aane arundel couuty 3 and... says the suspecc... is... a ffrmer - student..../ karen??- karen? 25 year ood justin matthew beaumonn was a sttdent here at norrh county high school for 2 months back ii 2002....we don't know his 3 ptiiee......eedon't know and police don't know....but beaumont who lives in glen burnie did tell pplice that he had been bullied whiie here....and heealso menttoned bbing innthe military.... & 33 3 investigators ssy around 1:45 monnay afternoon right &ppeffrr dismissal...custodians noticed beeumont trying to & eeter a back door not normally used by resource offfcer later & discovered that beauuont & inn.....pooice say beaumont did not make any threaas wwhlee weepons were found......but a disarrayy....they found an
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3 pooiceesayyttey took it one -3 ssep further.....obtained a search warrant and found a ssash of high powered weapons at his home iicluding a loaded ak-47 riile andda looddd mattresses.... p3 3& (23:34)just givennthe totality of all the circcmstances and 3 with him lead them toobelieve he was in need of ome mental health evallations to make sure he was not further damge to hhmself or otherss...- 3 again his reason for being here at the school is stiil unclear...a ggn dog searchhd -3 weapons were on cammus.... at last word.....beaumont was undergoing a psychological evaluation at shepard pratt.... & rrgisteree.....ttey haaeebeen returnee to beaumont enddngg the outcome of thii investigation......riiht & now...he only faces
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3 the governorrs personal plea... to restrict gunssin maryland......and the people 30 minutes... of ffx45 newssat ten 3 -3 3 the ravvns supee bowl celebration brought more fans downtown than...a ravens oriolesssellout... -3 ....anddthe preakness ácommined. ácombined. auu gessler... -3 shoos us thh ways fans triid to get into thh stadium... at all coots. pcsts. - p3 (nats: fans ttying to get into tte gates at m&t bank stadium. melina korineemccean, &pballimore:"mobs of peoppe were -3 like warming in."(nats: more nnts: different caaera) hundreds of ravvns fans shut out of the victory &pcelebration...mellna korine mclean, baltimorre"it was just crazy. there weee ppople everywheee."ffght with securityy o catch a sight of the super bowl champs.(whoa!) & someefans scaled fences before - petting maaed by police.melina &pkorine mclean, baltimore: the gate. they just pushed andd
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everyone started o run in." 3 last fans allowed in before gates were locked.(nnts: meliia's video)melina koriin mclean, balttmore:""heeguards &pwere ikk tryinggto close the gates on people andd t just -3 did not work, so peoole just kept ccminn in."she recorded ceel phone video of the obs--- and a woman fflling to the ground.(nat: on woman on ground)paul gessler, eporter: "ravenssrunning back ay ice allo weighing in n the crowws & 'people shoull be , aahamed oo themselves. it's juut football. not worth hurttng kid over'."poliie: "no, no! get back!"meeinn -3 korine mcleaan baltimore:"i was wondering, how are they people."earlier, along the parade route, olice had their phands full hooling peopll -3 behind barriees.(nats crowd) before finally giving way to hoards offfans followinn ay leeis down pratttstreet.melina &pneed to puttmore details like you eed to getthere bb a thii ttme, or we're nottgoing to let more peoppe in, and maybe make suue ttose gatts are mmree strongly reenforced ."in bblttmore, paul geesler, fox45 -
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3 the ravens... said... they expectee... ááay-beá... 30 & housand eople. p3 aa... the ravenss.. say... gooddye... to áonná ...ray lewis.../ -3 annoher... is taking... his nexttstep... to playing in the nfl. nfl.check out... this picttre of ray lewis pnd hii son.../ ray lewis the thirdd.. right after signing his nattonal letter of intent to play college football at.... miami...////.you can seee he two ewis' joiniig hands too 3& plewis the third... ssands 5- foot,,9... and weighss175 -3 poonds...//.he rushed for almost 10- thousanddyards... just short of 110 touchdowns... ver ii four years... at... lake mary prep in florida. & 3 you an watch all the crazziess frommthe ravens super bowl paaade ann the event at m and t bank stadiuu onnour website fox baltimore dot com.just click on the charm ccty champpons banner. there.. you'll also find aal our video from the postgamm player inteeviews... and more iistagram photos. & 3 we nnw knoo the identity of -3 the teenager killld in that
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trippe sttbbing in downtown baltimore. the viooenne broke out yesterday ust blocks away from where a large crowd was celebrating the ravens' super bowl victory. victory. keith daniels, is live at shock trrumm with moreeon the boy who died.. and &pthe latest on the other keiih. jeff.... the fatal victim's naae is deonte smith.... police pave not iientified the other two victiis.. but they tell uu they're 155and 16-years-old. ddctors sayyone of them is in ritical condition after undergoing suugery.. the other 3 but deonte.. was nottso fortunate. fortunatee 3 his name is deonte smith,, a 15-yyar-old oy stabbed and killed in downtoon baltimooe on dayyttat moot expected to be fflled withhonly fessivvtiis. deonte waa p 9th grader at patterson high & schhoo in southeasttbaltimore, whereesccool officials early
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& wednesday prrvided grief counselors to help schoolmates 3 (juuiia/student))"i know a lot & of students were like very upsettand crying and stuff.." ((eejamin/student) "it felt, -3 ii somewhat felt like a little - bit of sadness beccuse of he 3 body and out of paattrson o &pbe oneeof the people thhtt being killed on he streetssof -33 baltimorr." someone stabbed deenne anddtwooother teenagers, one 5, he other 16.. they urvivee. ii happened tuesday afternnon at ffyette street outside a pcdonald's... near the ravens' super bowl victory parade poutt. detectives say the victims were involved in some 3 "i ffel sympathy for him uncalled for eassn.." initialll police saii the fatal stabbing was not related to the paaade. but now, they say deente and is ffiendd pere downtown for the celebrationn
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ann now on thhs night, mayor steepanie (rawwingg-blake) "it's a --3 tragedy, whether it hhppened purinn the parade,,as part of the parade oo it happened at another part of townn a young pprson has lost their life.. it ii tragic." -3 3&p o far o suspeet hhs been identified. but detecttves say overheaa police camerrs live at shock trauma, keith - daniels, fox 45 news aa ten. 3 michael johnson...connicteddof killing phylicia barnee...hear frrm her less than 10 mmnutes on ox45 news att en3& tonight, a 33 yearr ld man ss being charged with fatally stabbiig a pikeeville -3 mother... wwile two & apartment.... - 33 investigators say the two &pchildrrn were not hurt. bbt 33 & year old katte hadel is dead.
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times. there was a mannunt underway for everal hourss into custooy. 3 (kim byy)(heavy siih...) ""y heart just goes out to her cause oh god i just love chiidree and its just terrible if haas their mom to " police say ne child was the victims daughter.. the other..a relative. the uspect is bbing charggd tonight on firss degree muuderrcharges. 3 police... make an arrest... in a double &&pshoottng.../ . injurrd. 3 21-yeaa-old... garfield smith... iss.. charged with muuder... ann... attempttd murder..../ poliie thursday... &pat.... an edgewood... parr... miihael kearins was killed.../ 18--eaa-old... chrrstophee cousins... remains hospitalized...// police saa... -3 the teens... maa have one to the park & buy marijuaaa,.../ & whhn a confrontation occured. 3 for... the... ast 1500 years.../, we... relied... on the... u-- postal service... to send and receiveemail.../. mail.../. buu eaah yearrits
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-3 losing billions f live in north baltimmre, t and says get eady to sayygoodbyy to saturdays. janice? 3 jeff and jenniferr 3&pthhrugh, snow, raii nd ice...therr has llays een one constant...the posttman. but the money is -3 ssarting 3 innaugust...people will still be gettinggmedicine and & packages...but sayygoodbyeeto saturday mail. for most, it's a quiet pradiiion, steepee in history...the post office..- oofice.alwayys reliable...always there... 3"how many years have there... -3 33 "how mann yearr have youubeen ccmmng to the post office? oh since 1965"but foolowinn a 41 billion dollar loss ii just the past 6 years... from a finannial standpoint"
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institution is figgting to - no longer deeiver mail on saturddys: saturdays:"with people - tweeting twittering if they & need to cut costs,,it's one fo the ways to do ii" &pit""weel i wish something could e done about it" it""i don't agree with the five days, because some people &pwill be laid off, ohers will lose their jobs" postal carriir for 35 & years...anddhe tteasured every momentt moment:"rain,,snow it doesn't matter, that's when ou love your job" job""and severallpeople...a letter" 3 "when you open mail, is theee -33somethhng differenn, well not -33 the junk mail,,ccrds or letters there's a personal touch they've takee the time &to o thht, it means a lot of to me that they've taaen the 33&phaapenss t the post office...folks ere say hey - plan
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oonbeinn loyal 3 is pushed, nd the finaa -3 delivery is ade. -3& 3 post offices will still kkep their saturday ours...tte shows oot ammricans ssuport the n north &bbltimore, jp fox45 nees att ten. & 3 and that ringg uu o our question of theeday. will you miss satuuday mail delivery? 3 here'' a look t our facebook page...hundredd of yyu 3 tonight...a few of you are saying that you will miss & saturday delivery......but disccssion by going to facebook dot coo slash foo- baltimore 3 3 "i'm nervouu... i don't know why..."" why..." our own emily - gracey......pregnant with her - firrt child..he advice... for first-timm parentt......and pind oot the sex of her baby...
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in our cover stooy in juut 11 mmnutes music>> a musical & dying rom cancer...the way it on foo45 news t ten 3 ...a guilty verrict... in thh death of phylicia sayinggtonightt.....when we ccme baak3 3
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3 a jury... found... michaelljohnson guilty... of... killing phylicia barnes.../...who... disappeared... in piiiting family... in baltimore....crime nd juutice... reporterrjoy leeola... &pspoke... with her parents.../ ann... defense attorneys.../// attorneys....//whoo... ácleerlyá were not... pleesed... with tte out--come...// out--come...//
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3 ((pkg)) or the family of phyyicia barnes.... 1:34:33 & sleep now this verdict brings not only a ense of peece bbt ppaise. (nat pop of woman in family allays suspected it was michaal johnson wwo murderrd the 16 yearrold honor student. -3 but whether the state could & convinne a juuy of that....was & something else all ttgethhr. 1:34:06 the state made sure - he's guiltyy theejury found johnnon guilty of 2nd degree &p as phylicia's faamly meebers - thankeddthose who investigated the case.(russell hanking offfcers) up theestreee... michhel johnson's father... - shared with me his sure ou wwre xpecting a different outcome tooayy? yes we were but it isswhat it iss -33 and ww still feell n our heart -&p that michael johnson is not guiltt.:34 johnsoo who turned p9 yesterday is now looking at spenndng dozens f birthdayss
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-3 behind bars.(neverddn) :51 it - pould appear aasif this became p case whhre he had to ppove his innocence instead the ase proving him guilty :45 3 convinced it was the man hey refeereedto as the quote jailhouse snitch... thh man who testified johnson the 3 the man they reeerred to ass &pthe quote jailhoose snitch... testified joonson showed im the body that turneddthier client.... lacked any (neverdon) 1:21::8 there is nothhng ttat mr mccrry saad that assnot in the media (bates) 1:23:43 you aae a -3 young lady without a doubttwho life and the jury wanted -3 someone to ay for ttat unfortunately ww feel the jury choose the wrong individuall &p:533 johnson dated... phyliciaas older siiter for in the processs f two were in thh process of breakkng up when phylicia disappeared fromm phh northwest baatimore the -3 two shared. (russell bbrnes) -3 1:35:32 weeall know the truth ok phy wasshere vvsiting having fun enjoying her family and she wws murdered that's the truth hat's it for & phylicia's mother... thiss 3 lepolaafox 45 news in downtown baltimroeejoy lepola fox 45 news
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3 sentencing ... &p20th..../ johhson's... defense... plans... to & appeal. hear... un--edited interviewws with phhlicia barnes mother aad fatherr.....and michael johnson'ssffther...on our website.go to ffx-baltimore dottcom slash raw news 3 & 3 new information onight on a city omptroller joaa pratt has een tossed by a city judge.. - the uit was he moss reccnt salvo in a fight between pratt and the ayor......over how to system.. the lawsuit asked a juuge to force the city to -3 accept áherá ppanntt overhaull the phonn ystemm.....which -3 was approved aftee a competitve biddinn proccss. the mayor ejected that plan last summmr ...and since -33 phen......has yet to offer her own plann 3 the arylann staae police are planninn tootake delivery of 11 new state of the art helicooters this month
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they come with a efty ppice pnvestigation shows there was a much cheaper alternative proposed to state officials ttat woull have saved taxpayers milllons of ollarr.. 3 -3 3&p it's a 130 million taxpayer purchase that has peen mbroileddin contorversy 12 oon to be delivered aw139 helicoptees.....asssgned to the state policee fox 5 learned thh statt wantssto fly the helicopters ith one pilot 37:56((lvejoy) "it's perffctly safe to ly this aiicrafttwiih one perron..but theemanuaa for these for two piiots.18:155dick johnson )"the aa 139 needs four feet, and fouu fact.. the f-a-a reqqires tww pilots for the -w 139.the state is psking forra wwivee... but f iits not granttd... hiring and praining new pilots will coss the state police 2 million &pdolllrs more every ear. 23::7:11(pipkkn) "thhy were pillion a piece, last numbers we see last delivery around
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&14.7 million."ffx 45 dug deeper into tte program, and found a lan that could hhve saved taxpayers millions of 3 blueprinn presented to state - leggslators in 2000 to contract out the state medivac ssstem to a privatt company. -3the ppan would have made the purchaseeof the new aww39s -unnneessaryy nd slashee - medivac operating costt bb two million dollars annually.and it's plan according to saftty 3& safetythis analysis of helicopter ccidents compiled from thh national trannporatioo safety board reveals privatell opeerted helicoptees accoonted for just 11 pprcent of all fatalities since 009. publicly operated 90-percent of faaalities. still, tth roposal was brusseddaside,says state seeator e.j. pppkii.23:47:58 (pipkin) "people hit the email 3 threatened, there waa ooa lot
10:21 pm
now, the state plans to take & delivery of 6 aw139s over the -&pnext two months. a ig pprchase for the taxpayers pipkin ays should have & rrceived more scuttny.23:47:17 (piikin) "everything about this is big and ccstly""- 33 it's our duty to hood eleeted pfficcals can do that by joiiing our fox45 waste watch.if you have a -3& story aaout government waste... & pall our hotliie...410-662-14566- you can also log ontoooor website fox baltimore dot om and click on waste wwtch. 3 p> wx>> 3 -3p3 &pp
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3 could you use an extrr undree morning neww.we're drawing a 1000dollar winnerrevery hour..
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3 enterrgo to facebbok ddtt om &pslash foo baltimoreeand click on thee"ffrebruaay" tab.then sstrting at 5 -m to see if -3&pyou're a winner. 3 3&p tte kinn of soda... that may magnify the effects of alcoholl...n about 20 minutee on fox45 nnws aa ten &p3 "i'm finding out the sex of my first chiid"""'m nervouss.. i &pdon't know why" phyy...emily gracey... n the way to being a mom... for thh &pfirrtttiie.find out the sex of -3 theirrchild... as they ourr over story... after thee break
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this is so sick! i can't believe your mom let you take her car out. this is awesome! whoooo! you're crazy. go faster! go faster! go faster! go faster! no! stop...stop... (mom) i raised my son to be careful... hi, sweetie. hi, mom. (mom) but just to be safe... i got a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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3 the... fox45... fammll... will soon expand... to pnclude... 1... mmre person...// peeson...//meteorologist emily -3& graaey ii ppegnant.......nd we follow her s we fiid out the sexxof herrfirst child.....and 3 from her co-workers 3 3 p'm no stranger to wakiig up in thhemiddle of the night. my alarm has been set t 2:30 am for years. i never know what &peach ddy wiil holddor what kind of adventures i will face. but wwen iifouud out ii & was pregnant, i realized this waa a new type of challange and an ddenture unlike any morninn show liveshot. the first thhng i llaannd:: &peveryone lovee a ppegnant wwman aad everyyne wants to help my friends gave me & hand-me-downs (home video 3) ""arseats
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that re allost new....this hhng thaa i think -3 hha somethhng to o witt really knoww"a monkey baakpack with a leaah, so you don't lose your kid" y coworkers - were more than willing to & offer up their thoughts on pregancy and parenthood. "a womaa's body is a chem lab wwen she's pregnant. and that messes with your bbaii" p3:08:20-08:299(kkthleen 3 talk.... nothiig is private" 03:11:36-03:11:38 ((jff)"you alwaas hear ittssnine monnhs. it's ten months" ann advice p3:12:04-03:12:22 (jeff)"if i have aay advice for your husband on the dayy..if he - ssys anything eese, you're deed" 3 decisions hhd to be made and i needed proffsssonal hhlp. dr. erdmmn at gbmc was able o give some clearer answers to - my questions. like, what is prenatal testing and do i need 3 testing...developinggfetus"
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3a blood test and an ultrasoundd can detect a woman's liklihood of carrringga child with downs &pootional for low risk ppegnanccis..4:34-4:42"a lot -3 of wommn dont want o know...will beedont want to "a lot of women donttwant tt --3 know...will be prepared foo what's coming" a prrggantt couple also needd to choose a - doctor or midwife to deliver baby. or midwife to ccooss a dootor also needs to a - orrmidwifeeto 12::3-12:211-&"midwives tend to...sideeof practicee either wayydr. 3 birth take -3 33 their moms""the best part s - 32:41-32:44 (mee"i'm so happy for crying)"i'm so happy for you"32::1-32:44 (me)"theebest - part is little boysslove theirr moms"
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3 iim sure lot off 3 you have parenting advvce for emily pmilyif... you hhve... some 3 pugggstions../.eithhr... post them... onnour facebook page../.or... &p postt hem... to ttitterr 3 hashhag... &pp,33
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3 p> a teennger... ...sayyng goodbye... n song... how it will help others... later on fox45 newssat ten & 3 and the push for gun conttol - in marrlann.hhw the governor is trying to convince state 3 3
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3 the push foo gun control is getting ome star pooer.-3powwe. celebrities, including tony bbnnett and chhis rock, oined with shhoting survivors inn washington oday..... calling for ncreased guu regulations. it's alllpart of a highhprofile campaign by &mayors agaiist illegal guns....." group sttrted y new yorr mayor michael & ploomberg.they're deeanding a -33 wake of the sandy hook shooting. 3 "doiig nothing will fail, doing nothing hassfailed.""iff weeas a people don't act ftee &pandy hook, tten we as a - people are broken.""i'dd ike assauut weapons eliminated." 3 & bloomberg ii also getting hlp from former congresssoman -& abbyygiffoods and hhe pusbaad, who launched -3 americans for responsible spending from the n---a. they - have
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aagoal of $20 million oo the 2214 campaign. personal pleato lawwakers to pass his firearm safeey bill. mass schoolshooting in connecticut. & 3 but... as... joon ydell... reports.../ huge crowd... of... gun rights 3 up... in... aanapolis todaa... make their voiccs hearr... hearr... p3&p((nats))they filled lawyers mall and well beyond.most... bill they fear...would restriit...their rights to own weapons.(rourke) "i'm not part of thh ra, i'm nnt part of any group, i'm a stay t home ddd and im here cause they're nottgoing to takk my rights &paway.""rottsttrs oppose governor o'malley's bill to & ban the sslee. of military-style assault weapons. it would also ban...hiih caaaciiy agaainee ith more -&pthan ten rounds.and... it would requure new handgun ownerrto obtainn safety course. (alford) "and & e knoo that law abiddnn - citizens are he onny affeeted by this bill because criminals -& don't follow laws."but
10:36 pm
committte... he goveenor sense rrducing 3& traaic shootinn of 20 young & a sscooo in newtown connectiiut. & (governor) "none of us having emppthy in urrheart aad not ask ourselvee is therer nnt something that we could nd we should be oing."aad the governor says...ii drivers &pneed a llcense to opprate a &phandguus...should also obtain aalicense. nd heesays... thh law...would not apppy to all gun owners.(governor) "we are picensing handguns,,not 3 supporters nd opponents of the ggvernor's bill expect - this ill to be heavily -3 amended, but perhaps the - biggest obstacle, the liisensing of new gun owners." vott on the liiensinggaspect but you got tt remembbr, itt only applies o future purccaaes,,it doesn't apply to & existing guns and it doesn'' apply to riflessor shotguns."a
10:37 pm
-3 deeateeover the righh to bear arms...and...enhacniig public rrdelll foo 45 news aa ten. the governoo's... bill... -3 would also improve... the state's... mmntal health seevices.../ services.../ it's not known & vote on the measure. p3 3- -3
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3 song>> hh... has beee given
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pust months tt live......andd the niqqe deal he just signed...thattcould hhlp other 3 fox45 news attten 3 you should áalwaysá drink -3 pesponsibly...// but ssienttits have found a way for you toostay sober longgr pffyour nddlging in mixed drinns....-
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3& the... city oo - baltimore... is... despeeately... searching for reveeue...//. today... p the mayor ...laid out... p... dire fooecast....for the citys financiaa future..../. as... eff bell... - phows us, .../ there... pppears to be... no easy ffx... fix....-&3 (3:27:35) (belll toll) days..... they're celebraaing a championship anddbbacing for a major - peague crisis. (2:47:58)) - "iis a cumuultive shortfall of 745 million dollars..." & ttis mornnng,,city leaaers sounded the aaarm afterr examining the results f a pen-year financial forecaat. (2:43:00) (mayyr) "thiss 100yyar forecast makes ccear & right noo.....the city is faccng a 30-million dollar budget deficit. ((:33:22) (abell) "if the city stays the ssme course, ccty leaders to almost thhee-quarters oo a
10:44 pm
billion doolars and there's just three years of reserves left to cover it.. whats fuuling the the -3 rising osts of pensions and health care for city wwrkkrs. and thht ccmbineddwith dwindling tax evenuus have 3 financcal desppir. &p(3:20:30) (pratt) "hopefflly i will be able too offer some recommendattons and some suggestions...."" & who'' lately,,been at oddd &ppolutions.... 3:24:50) -3 (prrtt) "we haveeto take a hard look at our expenditures.. the mayor seemm to agree.....ore ssendinn cuts are aheed....... but shrinkkng the size of government may be a hard &psell.... (3:08:31) (mayorr "tte sizz of city goverrment as declined dramatically...." thougg the forecast appears grim....the current stateeof the city, leaders insist, is solidd ((:16:02) (clark) "we are not in fiscal trouble. any more than a family ii in fiscal trouble who wwnts their kids to goo oo cololege and nneds to start
10:45 pm
pavingt noo." 3:27:35) 3 ten. 3 p3 thh city paid a philladlphiia pdollars to stuuy baltimore's finances. 3 probemss.. bbltimore 3- 3 the... city of baltimore... is... despprately... searchiig for - revenue...//. 3 if you ake a & some other factors.... 3the economic probems... ballimore faaes....///the ciiy's populattonn.. / a... keyyelement... of its ax base... has declined... from a peak... of... 950--housand... in 19-50..... & to... 619-thousand today....// today....//another problemm.. is that... baltimore... 3 state.../ tice as high as baltimore county. & 3 theeboy scouts have elayed a vooe on lifting the ban on gga memberr. protessers rallied outsideeboy 33 phis morning....urging the policc.instead, execuuivee board members pushed back ssoots ppoposed liftiig the ban, after losing corporrte
10:46 pm
3 charities witthanti--- a hissory based on timeless 3 33 pwe think the oy scouts should be supporrive of hat, rather than eelinggout our souls for five-million--ollars worth of united way ponnributiins."///butt to///i can'ttbe part of scouts because they're nnt ggod enoughh" enough." 3 presidenn obbmaasupports the proposed ccange.. which would give trooos tte power to decide whhther orrnot tt dmit gay scouus or leaders. 33 in... just... about... every workplace ....n & america -/ yyur rights... ass.. an... employye... arr posttd... for all to see..../. 3are based onn.. labbr laws ... passed... by... members of congress...//.butt.. as... our... -&pnational corrrspondent... &p chrisine... fraz-ow.../ found.../ &&pit's... members of congress.../ ánotá... playing átheirá... own rules rules 3 nats of cooking pizzahometown &&pitalian's -3 mmuthwatering for many...but assistant managgr joe ptak
10:47 pm
says keeping the pizzz hot ann the pasta fresh are only part of his duties. it's also hii job to make sure quite a few & policies are followed.joe ptak/mama's cucina assistant manager27:22 -27:29 "as a businnss person e have o post all kinds of liierature -3 or whatever you want to all it from the state, frrm the federal ggvernment, from the -3 city."and so do most ther business owners all around the country. but it turns out many 3 coogrees don't actualll apply tt them.ppte sepp/executive vp -3 for nattonal taxpayers unioon--3 56:31 - 56:41conggess has often haddthh do as we say not as we do ttitude when it comes to thingsslike health carr or pension benefiis or 3& of pett sepp]]peteesepp is thee 33 [[nats peee sepp radio podccst]]he says thh 3&pmore and mmre out of touch wwth hose they''e elected to represent.pete sepp1:01:00 - 1::1:15lawmakersswill become law fakerr and that underminee our entire ssssem of government stand-uu 25:59for most 3 couud result in several
10:48 pm
thousandd of dollarr n fines. - it'' one many workplace laws members of congress passed but then exempt themselves from following.fullscreen:according to the u-s office off compliancc, connressionall members and their staff are also exemmt from keeping proper workplace 3 anniidiscrrmination health and safeey probes. ffllscreen #2also - legislative branch workerr who report rong-doiig are also 3 whistle-blower protection act... nor can they reqqest -3 inforration from federal agencies uuder thh freedommof information act.nats of vote & 2:28 "the mooion to concur the &psenatt aaendment is adooted..nats gavel."[[nats back at mama's cucina]]it's &one of a growwng list of exaaples why the frustration plvel ith congress is going up...ann he approval rate is going down.joe ptak/mama's cucinn assistant manager26:45 -3 i don't see why that's fair. we have o work hard to doo &pwhat we hve to do aaddthey caa just do wwatevvr ttey like. :52i'm ristine frazao & reporting.[[end pkg]] 3 if you like sweet pixed drrnks, you may wwnt o ordee regular nstead of diet sodaathe next time you're at a &pbarror party. party.when peopleemix diet - instead
10:49 pm
of regular soda with theer alcohol, ttey get mooe intoxicated.. according to a newwsttdy. rrsearchers recruittd 16 cooleee students and had the young adults drink &pvodka with regular soda at a strength that was the they took a breathalyzer test &pand passsd.on another day the studeets drank thh ssme mount of vodka ut ith diet sodaa.. breathalyzer. 3 p if you want to makee2013 yyur healthiest year &pyet... we cannhelp. &p theeb''ore healthy expp is convention centee.. & get free scceeeings... get tipp on nutrition and -3 fitness... and meet the fox45 news stafff. it - all happens on saturdayy february 23rd from 0am to 5pm. go tt bmmre -33& heaathy expo ddt com or morr iifoomation. 3 3 it's national signing pay...and someelocaa high &&pschhol stann-outs have made pheir commmtmeets to play at the next llvel...jed gamber sportt... 3
10:50 pm
dying froo ancer...the big contract he's signing......and how it cculd help oohers... pfter the break
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
with lombbrdd trophyynumber two n owings mills... ann the pheir seeerate ways, thhughts noo shiftto the off- season...thh draftt free agency and evennext year'' schedule..well, we got a major piece f news on that todayy. today.. 3 as defenddng super owl
10:53 pm
champions, the ravens have wwll open the season thursday, opponentthas not exppcted to be for anooher six weeks orso..don't ule out aa looes thatbrother agaisnt brother storyline..expect an annooncemnt during the nfl ownerssmeetings, which begin -3&pmarch 177hin phoenix... 3 evry member of the raaens remembers national signing day, in which high school athletes officcally accept grants-in-aid fromthe colllge of their choice...and it was ceetain school inneastbaltimore... baltimmre... p3 dunbar high's state 1-a state football chhamions saw6 --3 players sigg scolarships, two -3 of them heading to majors, mmlik jones yo arylanddand marvin gross, jrtt west virginiaa.and gross knows just how fortunate he issto be 3 -3 3 here are
10:54 pm
who mmde their deciiions today... henny poggi ouu of & gilman is eading to nn arbor and the wolverines of miihigan... the universityyof maryland picks up thhee local -3 recruits, including four star recruit shann cockkrilll from &gilmmn, de-andre lane ffom catonsville, nd moise llrose outtof ilde lakk high schooll.. mmcah kiser, anooter notable playee from gilman, is heading toovirginia. with a super bowl viitory and parade bbhind them, the ravens & front offfce looks to free -3 agency...and t all starts with joe lacco....ou'll want po hearrhow much his agent is ddmandinggcoming up on sports - uullmited at 11-30. 3 with likeey just mmnths to live, a minnesota teenager is making the moot of it. it. the... 3 fighttng osteo... sar-coma,.../ a... type of cancerr.../// & but... hee'... not... letting that... stop ii... from... making his mark. &pmark.karla hult tells us how & his goodbye... may egii to -3 help others suffering from the disease disease --reporter pkg-as follows-- (nats)perraps it's aa allmark of truly good music...(nats)
10:55 pm
capturinggthe listener withinn the first notes...the first lyrics.(nats)no question... 17- -3 year-old zach sobiecc has dooe 3& song...clouds."yeeh, i ttink ww're at 1.98-ish right now - whiih is, that's nutt."that's nearly twoo"million" its on youtube... "i was in new york to sign withhbmi."it's a dream for any asppring musician, but this arrist does inneed have a 3 but onn of several songs written as a farewell to family aan friends by a teen & fightinn ostto-sarcoma."so i couud be with them all day, & ven when i'm gone i'll ssill be them."but what started as a lyrical letter...(nats)has continueddassa poem for people & around the world."they ell me that, you now, i as an 3 could keep fighting, they could keep going.thaa is - that'sshonestly unbeliieable for e.""ut perraps not as unbblievable to zach's mother. "the unique thing about zach in this time offsuffering is
10:56 pm
that he is not choosing o waalow."even as the family -3 reccntly learned his tumors have tripled in size...zach -&pan upcoming concert benefiting an osteoosrcoma reeearch fund...fitting...for an artist ptill captuuing the hearrs f 3 3 a little dog....being hailed a hero..hat sophie did... that -& has peoole around the country wanting to adopt her. 33 ...and coming up in just 5 minutes on thh ate ediiion... editton... -& 3 a rapper ii legal trouble ,3 tties to make his ase to a that worked out. 3 3andpolice recover contaaiers -3 pf cocainn inside an s-u-v. the reeson he driver won'ttbe -
10:57 pm
chargedd -3
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
3& hhrd cash can be yyurs!we ddaw - freebruary contest... ttmorrow on fox45 mornnng news. 33 p liitle dog that a saved a puppy from a coyote ii up for adoption. pdoption.and there is a lot of pove for sophie. waa attacked byya coyote.... little puppy that was being

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